Stage Manager

Responsible for the operation of rehearsals and the run of the show; in charge of backstage during run of show

Key duties include:

  • Works with director to define role and responsibilities
  • Attends all rehearsals
  • Spikes set pieces and furniture on the stage
  • Creates prompt book with all blocking, stage directions, light and sound cues
  • Provides line prompts for actors during rehearsals
  • Directs all backstage operations during the run of the show, including props and costumes preparations and scene changes
  • Supervises all stage crew members
  • Prepares set and stage for each performance, including:
    • Ensures stage is clean; sweeps stage floor before every performance
    • Checks all set pieces to be sure they are in place and secure
    • Makes sure all cast and crew members are present
    • Calls half-hour, 10 minutes, 5 minutes and places for cast and crew
    • Ensures cast members are in place for each entrance
    • Works with house manager to call start of show and following acts
  • After show, secure stage for next performance
  • Handle any problems or issues that arise during the run of the show
  • Responsible for opening and closing the theatre