Set Dresser

Responsible for securing all items needed to decorate the set that are not considered to be stage properties

Key duties include:

  • Work with director to understand his/her vision and needs related to time period or other limitations
  • Working closely with set designer, determine needed set pieces and decorations for each show considering script and time period of show, including furniture and all decorative items
  • Work with producer to communicate budgetary needs; work within the assigned budget
  • Collect all receipts for expenses and turn in to producer
  • Contact props manager for access to Hershey Area Playhouse‚Äôs prop inventory located in our storage barn
  • Work with producer as necessary to find alternate sources of set dressings if unable provide what is needed
  • Work with producer, director and set designer to establish schedule of expectations; ensure all items are ready according to schedule and that they fit the needs and design of the set
  • Assist with set designer/builder with completion and installation of set as needed
  • Be available to make any necessary repairs during rehearsals or the run of the show
  • Strike all set dressings and furniture at end of show and return to Playhouse storage barn or place of origin