Set Designer or Builder

Responsible for design and oversight of construction of sets to completion and installation

Key duties include:

  • Work with director to understand his/her vision and needs, as well as to work out any potential problems related to space limitations that may impact blocking
  • Determine best design of sets considering location, space, and needs of the show • Work with producer to communicate budgetary needs
  • Complete the set within the assigned budget and on time
  • Collect all receipts for expenses and turn in to producer
  • Work with producer and director to determine timing of completed set for rehearsals and move-in
  • Set up move-in schedule with producer and communicate expectations to the crew
  • Ensure set is built and ready to be used for rehearsals according to established schedule
  • Communicate with lighting designer to develop color schemes and special lighting needs (i.e., doors, windows, special effects, etc.)
  • Set up construction schedule and work with crew to assign tasks and communicate expectations
  • Work with stage manager and stage crew to explain and develop mechanics of set changes when applicable
  • Be available to perform any needed repairs to the set during the run of the show
  • Set up strike schedule and appropriate transportation with producer and communicate expectations to the crew