Responsible for all operational and financial aspects of the show

Key duties include:

  • Work with treasurer to formulate budget and ensure show is run within budget
  • Collect receipts for all expenses and reconcile expenses to budget
  • Work with director to facilitate auditions, rehearsals, important dates
  • Work with operations director to address any facility conflicts
  • Set up move in and strike schedules in conjunction with set designer and theatre operations director
  • For musicals, responsible for contacting the artistic liaison about script and score needs; responsible for returning all printed materials to publisher
  • Provide all relevant names and bios as necessary for programs by deadline provided
  • Locate and appoint department heads and crews, including:
    • Set designer
    • Set dresser
    • Lighting designer
    • Sound designer
    • Props
    • Costumes
    • Stage manager
    • House manager
    • Makeup
    • Stage and set construction members
    • Running crew
  • Hold regular production meetings with appropriate people as needed
  • Ensure compliance with all contract requirements and terms, including those related to video taping and program credits
  • Creates contact list with names, phone numbers, and email addresses for all cast and crew members; distributes to all people on list as well as to PR people and others as needed
  • Also responsible for:
    • Ordering commemorative T-shirts
    • Organizing cast party
    • Organizing poster distribution
    • Encouraging cast to participate in ticket and ad sales
    • Working with Fundraising Committee on Door Prize(s)

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