Musical Director

Responsible for the execution of vocal and instrumental music pursuant to the production and its performance dates

Key duties include:

  • Consults with director and vocal director on staging and performance of the musical score pursuant to vocal and instrumental talent
  • Arranges music to self-imposed standards specific to the production (within copyright restrictions), its cast, the orchestra/band, and the score requirements as necessary
  • Auditions and recruits musicians within allowed budget
  • Consults with vocal director for auditions of vocal talent
  • Rehearses arranged score with musicians
  • Makes changes to score as necessary (within copyright restrictions) for the range and talent of the cast and musicians
  • Conducts the musical performance of the production throughout its run
  • Responsible for the musical integrity of the production from first dress rehearsal to final curtain
  • Coordinates with treasurer securing payment for musicians/contractors including tax forms if needed