Make-up Artist

Responsible for preparation and application of make-up to cast members appearing on stage

Key duties include:

  • Consult with director, costume designer and hairstylist for final approval of characters’ appearances
  • Maintain an inventory of make-up products consistent with general makeup requirements for cast members
  • Acquire any make-up products specific to character cast members’ appearance on stage
  • Apply make-up for cast members unfamiliar with basic requirements and techniques, to be done in an instructional manner so as to allow cast members to learn techniques
  • Supervise and maintain make-up requirements throughout the run of each production
  • Supervise removal of make-up, preserving pre-cast and/or pre-made pieces for use throughout the run of the production
  • Supervise clean-up of make-up room and inventory of products
  • Clean and store make-up in a manner suitable to preserve product life and allow maximum use
  • Work within prescribed budget
  • Train make-up volunteers in methods and practice