Lighting Designer

Responsible for design of lighting for show and oversight of all technical areas related to lighting

Key duties include:

  • Work with director to understand his/her vision and needs, as well as to work out any potential problems related to space and special effects
  • Determine best lighting design for the show considering script, location, and any needed special effects
  • Work with producer to communicate budgetary needs and work within the assigned budget
  • Collect all receipts for expenses and turn in to producer
  • Develop light plot and produce instrument sheets showing instrument numbers, dimmer numbers, circuit numbers, focus areas, and gel colors
  • Work with and direct crew to hang, focus and gel all lighting instruments
  • Write cue sheets describing cues and cue numbers, cross-referenced to page numbers in script
  • Program all cues into light board; set light levels and cue fade times
  • Run cue-to-cue technical rehearsal
  • Replace burned out lamps during run of show as necessary