House Manager

Responsible for the smooth operation of the house during the run of the show

Key duties include:

  • Recruit all house workers (ushers, greeter, raffle ticket seller)
  • Coordinate building opening times on show nights with stage manager
  • Orient and train all house workers
    • Have ushers tear the tickets upon entry and keep stubs
  • Check bathrooms after intermission and at end of night
    • Make sure water is not running
    • Restock appropriate supplies in each bathroom
    • Use wet Swifter to clean the floor in front of the urinals
    • Wipe off counter tops
    • Remove and replace trash bags using gloves and place it in the trash in the larger can on wheels as needed
  • Along with the stage manager, ensure all lights upstairs and down are turned off after each show and all doors are locked, including box office door